what i mean by writerly


i have to write – a lot – for my work. for the most part, i don’t like to write at home. so i write in cafes, coffee shops, and other writer-friendly spots. i have a simple rubric i use when deciding whether a place is writerly, by which i mean conducive to writing. i try to be a good patron, don’t overstay my welcome, and am loyal to the few tried and true spots. but finding these spots hasn’t always been an easy task. so, after much searching and seeking and meandering and weeping, i decided to collect the fruits of my years of exploration here — a public service of sorts.

the simple rubric i use reflects the traits i look for when seeking out a writerly cafe:

r – relaxed vibe (i include *non*table service as part of relaxed; i can’t ever really relax when i know someone’s waiting to give me a check)
s – spacious
c – crowded/cozy (take your pick)
o – outlets
w – wifi
l – above average lattes

enjoy, and please share other finds!